Daring Greatly Podcast with Tshepo Mantjé

Dear 2020, Thank You

December 20, 2020 Daring Media ZA Season 1 Episode 25
Daring Greatly Podcast with Tshepo Mantjé
Dear 2020, Thank You
Daring Greatly Podcast with Tshepo Mantjé +
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Show Notes

Let's reflect on the year that was. However, considering the challenges of the year - the perspective this episode takes is that of gratitude. Research in Positive Psychology has found that gratitude and happiness are always strongly correlated. Gratitude moves people to experience more positive emotions, to thoroughly enjoy the good experiences, better their health, face adversity, and develop and maintain relationships of strength, which in turn makes you happier. In this episode I have invited dear friends to share with us what, in spite of the challenges of 2020, they are most grateful for. My intention is to create space for gratitude. My hope is that as we recognize our own blessings, hopefully you listening will notice the good in your own life and we can exit 2020 a little bit happier. Enjoy the episode.

“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.” — Ralph H. Blum

Contributors in order of feature: Ntokozo Mbokazi, Luale Monze, Karabo Mdluli, Binwe Adebayo, Khotso Moleta, Sihle Ngqawana, Kirsty Wilson, Lefa Motloung, Chelsea Noah, Lauren Weir, Sony Zon Booi, Megs Kelly, Kyle Prinsloo, Nontshi Shange, Tsebo Mantje, Bandile Mukansi, Courtney Jacobs, Penelope Gregoriou, & Siseko H Kumalo.

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